Midgley Gedcom Page.
Over the last few years many contributors to the Midgley Web Pages  have developed  a variety of methods to store their family trees [pedigrees].
One of the more concise methods has been to use family tree software e.g. 'Family Tree Maker
', Ancestry.com, or the freeware 'Personal Ancestral File' [PAF].
I find the latter to be intuitive and very adequate, exporting  the data in the form of a 'GEDCOM' is a few clicks of the mouse button.
A Ged or Gedcom file allows others to import and share the data on their own Gedcom compliant family tree software. For this reason I have started to collect these files together which can be downloaded from this page.
If you have any Gedcom files of your own to share please email them to the contact address at the bottom of this page so that they may be included.

To download the free Personal Ancestral File [PAF] go to  Family Search  fill out your details then click on the 'Order/Download Products' tab and  then 'Software Downloads [free]', choose to download PAF 5.0 or later version. If not contact me for a copy.

Personally, I have endeavoured to omit any living individuals from my submissions although some people work on the 'hundred year rule'. Thus before 

exporting I would suggest you copy your file and modify it if you intend to share it with others through this site [again PAF makes this easy]. I look forward to some of your submissions.
In this way we may be able to begin the task of linking the various branches of  the Midgley families together, collectively this is not an insurmountable challenge........

Files ready for download are zipped, you
may WINZIP :  1a- 21 are zipped Gedcoms
                                                                                                                            GEDCOM :
1a  Midgley of Cawthorne, Normanton and Hambleton, Brayton, Burn, Thorpe Willoughby, Acaster Malbis, Acaster Selby, Pickering, York, Copmanthorpe,    Elvington,  Askham Bryan, Rufforth, Wistow   
Ged zipped 

   1b. Extension of 1a. leading into the 1900's - compiled by Steven Midgley. As at 8th December 2012 Ged zipped 

   2. Midgley of Selby Ged zipped 
   3. Midgley of Barnsley   Ged zipped 
   4. Midgley of Barnsley [speculative] Ged zipped 
   5. Midgley of Halifax Ged zipped 
   6. Midgley of Brearley, Beverley, Alwoodly & Cookridge [from History of Leeds] Ged zipped 
   7. Marmions, Stanfield, Midgley Ged zipped 
   8. Midgley of Almondbury and Elland *
  Ged zipped 
   9. Midgley of Almondbury and Utah, U.S.A.
* From Terri Ann McClain Ged zipped 
 10. Midgley of Newmillerdam
Ged zipped 
 11. Midgley of Sussex
Ged zipped 
 12. Midgley of Hainworth [from the book Midgleyana]* Ged zipped 
 13. Midgley of Todmorden Ged zipped 
 14. Midgley of Hainworth, Ingrow and Haworth [from Smith Midgley's pedigree]*
Ged zipped 
 15. Midgley of Gomersall, Birstall and South Africa Ged zipped 
 16. Midgley of London, Middleton and Australia
  Ged zipped  17. Midgley -Middleton of West Yorkshire [Includes Catherine Middleton's heritage] Ged zipped 
 18. Midgley of Felkirk and Tasmania  Ged zipped 
 19. Midgley of Rochdale leading to the line of Thomas Midgley jnr, the U.S. chemist. 
Ged zipped 

 20. Midgley of Crigglestone, Royston, Swinton Yorkshire and Melbourne  Australia.  Ged zipped 

 21. Midgley of Erringden, Heptonstall, Macclesfield and Bramley which traces the line of Walter Midgley, operatic singer. Posted 12th April 2017. Ged

 22. Midgley-Waterhouse-Farrer of Halifax.  Ged

 23. Midgley of Thornton, Headley Hall, Scholemoor and Horton  Ged

                                       * These two pedigrees are linked
                                       * These two pedigrees are linked

PAF is now discontinued but you can now use Roots Magic, Legacy, Family Tree or Ancestral Quest if you have downloaded the PAF software see the LDS site for links to download these other files

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