Variations in d minor

                                                   The published registers of Halifax Parish Church in mentioning Midgley families use these several spellings:
Midgelaye Midgeleye Midgelei Midglaye Midgley
Migeley Miggeley Miggelay Migley Megelay
Mydghley Mydglay Mydgley Myggelay Mydgele
Mydghley Mydglay Mydgley Myggelay Mygdlaye

Mygdlay Miedley
(Saxton 1577)
(Speed 1608)
(Morden 1680)
                       And of course not forgetting Midgley of the map (Teesdale 1828)

                                                                                    Try the Thesaurus for surnames- how many variations are possible

Does this make you "roused to fury"? or just furiously roused? Or maybe it confirms in your mind that maybe no one can ever spell it the way you want it to be spelled.

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Reference: Midgleyana, J.F. Midgley, Cape Town c.1969, p.19.

© Tim Midgley 2000, revised February 2018.