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Breary includes Catherine Middleton's Midgley heritage.


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John the Baptist's Church at Adel was the parish church for Breary, Alwoodley, Cookridge, Arthington and other surrounding townships. The original church site dates from at least 1089 when Ralph Paynell gave the priory of Holy Trinity York to the churches of Leeds and Adel. [Y.A.J. v. 7, (1882), p. 430.]

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Richard Midgley, son of Samuel Midgley who married Anne Pickles 8th December 1625. They had 8 children all born at Adel:
John b. 1626, Jane b. 1628, Richard b. 1632, Edward b. 1635 d. Sept. 1688, William b. 1638, James b. 1642, Ruth b.1644, Dorothy b. 1646.
Edward married Helen Atkinson 15th April 1659 at Kirkby Overblow:- 

Edward MIDGELEY S: 15 Apr 1659, 
Spouse: Hellen ATKINSON
Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire, England

They had a child called Sampson Midgley who married Hannah Wade, they had three children all born at Leeds, Mary b. 1703, John b. 1706 and Samuel b. 1709.
Contact: RW Smith

The Adel Parish Registers Online

Adel Parish Register Records for Midgley

Midgley of Breary christened at the parish church of Adel (Ged file) Leads to Catherine Middleton's line.


                              The south porch Adel Church.


Marley Hall, at Marley Brow between Bingley and Keighley. Arms of SavileMarley Hall, one time residence of a branch of the Savile family [note arms on the gate]. Relatives of John Franklin Midgley, the Walkers', lived here in the 1960's.  


1.Holmes Midgey [a weaver], his son was William Midgley [b. 1815, a butcher] who married Martha Jowett in Bingley on 4th April 1839. Grace Midgley was William's daughter b. 30th April 1850 in Hainworth [near Bingley]
The 1851 census for Keighley and Bingley show 40 households with the surname Midgley.
Contact: Tony Hall [address amended 29 April 2015]
2. David Midgley married Mary Whalley at Bingley on 2nd March 1812. They had a son Thomas b. 1821 at Cross Flats, Bingley who died in 1919.
Contact : Shaun Midgley

Tony Bairstow has traced back to William Midgley [b ~1570] who  married Elizabeth Beane [b 1575] both of Bingley. Tony is also tracing lines back on Saville, Stansfield back to Wyan Marmions, Baildon to Thornhill and Gerneber of Thornhill.

William Midgley married Elizabeth Beane 29th June 1595 at Bingley, children [IGI] were :

John MIDGLEY (M)......................  B: 1 Aug 1596
Father: William MIDGLEY Bingley, Yorkshire, England
Mother: Elizabeth BEANE

Thomas MIDGLEY (M)....................  B: 7 May 1598
F#: 453730       @   Father: William MIDGLEY  Bingley, Yorkshire, England
  Mother: Elizabeth BEANE

Walter MIDGLEY (M)....................  B: 10 May 1600
F#: 453730       @   Father: William MIDGLEY  Bingley, Yorkshire, England
Mother: Elizabeth BEANE

Stephen MIDGLEY (M)...................  B: 15 Dec 1605
F#: 453730       @    Father: William MIDGLEY  Bingley, Yorkshire, England
 Mother: Elizabeth BEANE

Marie MIDGLEY (F).....................  B: 5 Jun 1615
F#: 445694       @    Father: William MIDGLEY   Bingley, Yorkshire, England
 Mother: Elizabeth BEANE
Contact : Tony Bairstow

NOTE: One of Walter's great grandsons was William Midgley of Brayton [1716-1759]. See Midgley of Cawthorne for the link.

 Bingley Parish records for Midgley (text file)


John and Betty Midgley (b. est. 1780) probably of Bingley had at least nine children:

Rowland Midgley b. 2 Jan 1802, Bingley. In 1861 he was a Yarn Warehouse Man.

Martha Midgley Ch. 4 Feb 1803, Bingley.

Elizabeth Midgley Ch. 26 Oct 1804, Bingley.

Susannah Midgley Ch 20 March 1806, Bingley.

James Midgley Ch. 16 Nov 1806, Bingley.

William Mdgley Ch. 2 Feb 1808, Bingley.

Sarah Midgley Ch. 6 August 1809, Bingley.

John Midgley Ch. 30 May 1811, Bingley.

Jane Midgley Ch. 27 Sept 1819, Bingley.


Rowland  (b. 1802) married Hannah Crowther b. 1802/1806, Yorkshire 12 Nov 1802 at Bingley.

Rowland and Hannah had at least six children:

Betty Midgley b ~1804, Bingley, Yorkshire.

John Midgley b. 17 Sept 1826, Bingley. In 1861 he was a Worsteaad Stuff Dealer and in 1881 he was a Carting Agent similarly, a Currier in 1891.

James Midgley b~1828, Bingley.

Jane Midgley b~ 1832, Yorkshire.

Sarah Midgley b~1837, Bingley.

Edwin Midgley b~1839, Yorkshire.

John (b. 1826) married Elizabeth. They had at least five children:

Martha Midgley b~1851, Manningham.

Edwin Midgley b~1855, Manningham. In 1891 he was Assistant Currier, probably to his father.

Harrison Midgley b1861, Manningham. In 1881 he was a Warehouse Boy but by 1891 he was a Butcher probably in Wortley in which year he was residing at Oak Road, Wortley..

Frederick William Midgley b~1862, Bradford. Died young in 1873.

Hannah Midgley b~1867, Leeds. In 1891 she was a Dressmaker residing in Wortley.

Harrison Midgley (b 1861, d. 1922) married Jane Eliza Oldfield (b. 1867, Hunslet; d. 1943) at Hunslet in 1894/1895. She was an Assistant Butcher to her husband in 1911. They were described on their Monumental  gravestone at New Wortley Cemetery, Leeds as 'Two of the Best"

They had one child:

Edwin Midgley b~1895, Hunslet. In 1911 he was an Apprentice Smith when he was residing with his parents in Leeds. At his death in 1956 he was described as a locomotive driver.


Edwin married Elsie Hargrave (b Jan/March 1900 at Leeds, Yorkshire). In 1911 before her marriage she was a Laundress with E. Chalk, Leeds. Edwin and Elsie had one child:

Arthur Midgley b. 26 Nov 1921, Yorkshire. d. 25 March 1997 in Exeter, Devon.

Contact: Kira Midgley-Rees through the Guestbook

Source: Findagrave.







 The 'Breragh', mentioned in Catherine Middleton's Lupton pedigree and 'Brerehagh' in Thoresby's Ducatis, is Breary Hall nr. Bramhope7:

12th great grand parent Edward Midgeley of Midgeley, near Halifax, b. ... , d. ... [Lupton 3]* 

11th great grand parent Richard Midgeley, of Breragh, b. ... , d. ... [Lupton 3] 

10th great grand parent John Midgeley, b. ... , d. ... [Lupton 3]

9th great grand parent Robert Midgeley, of Breragh, b. ... , d. ... [Lupton 3] 

8th great grand parent Ralph Midgeley, of Breragh b. ... , d. ... [Lupton 3]

7th great grand parent 'Ester Midgeley', b. ... 28 April 1669 [IGI], d. ... 1726 [Lupton 3] Esther married Francis Lupton of Leeds, clerk and registrar of the Leeds Parish Church.8 [See The Parish Registers of Adel, p. 111] Esther was the sister of an armiger, Robert Midgeley of Leeds [d. 1723 - see pedigree below] The Middletons married into the Luptons who in Francis Martineau Lupton became wealthy mill owners in Leeds. The heiress of the Lupton family, Olive Lupton, married Richard Noel Middleton, a solicitor of Leeds who is Catherine Middleton's great grandfather.  [Right: Middleton arms formerly held by Catherine. After her marriage she became the Duchess of Cambridge, now the Princess of Wales, William her husband being the son of the former monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.] Since the time of King Edward I, the eldest son of the monarch  has always occupied the position of Prince of Wales, when King Edward 'gave' his son Edward [II] to Wales as their prince. As such, in time, Catherine could become queen. A popular choice if it is to eventuate.

A replica of the Imperial State Crown and large ruby  at Newby Hall, near Ripon, NRY
 Headstone of Catherine Middleton's Midgley antecedants in Adel churchyard, Ralph Midgley of Breary and his wife Frances 8th great grandparents of Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cornwall:

 'Here intered (sic) is the body of Ralph Midgley of West Breare (sic) who departed this life on the 10th of July anno 1694 in the 72 year of his age. Also Frances his wife who departed this life the 21st of February anno 1706 in the 76th year of her age. They having had 14 children eight of which are here interred' [Other members are mentioned below on this gravestone.]

Breary is now located by East and West Breary Lane that passes through Bramhope.

DOWNLOAD a Gedcom file of the Yorkshire Middleton - Midgley genealogy. You will need Gedcom compliant family tree software to view this correctly. 

Also see  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgedcom.html

Pedigree for Midgley of Beverley 

                                                      Midgley Pedigree 2

Also Sarah, their daughter and wife of Ely Broadbent, who departed this life March 29th, 1829. Aged 76 years.

Here Rest the Body of Susan, Wife of Captain Midgley, who departed this life 30th December 1846 aged 76 years. Also Captain Benjamin Midgley, Husband of the above named Adjutant 3rd West York Militia, who departed this life the 24th day of February 1857 Aged 84 years. Also Anne Midgley, Wife of Captain Benjamin Midgley una, ttd Adjutant of the Kings Own Stafford Rifles. and son of the above Captain Benjamin and Susan Midgley who died at Halifax on the 5th day of May 1859 aged 64 years.

Tho's Midgley died May 7th 1763.
Here Lieth the Body of Amos Midgley who died Jan. 26th 1826 aged 68 years. Also Ann his Wife who died Jan. 2nd 1831. aged 68 years. Also Hannah Redman, their Daughter, who died July 8th 1866 aged 71 years.
Also Richard Dewhirst, grandson of the above who died Dec. 22nd 1869 aged 42 years.

Susan's last name was Wadsworth.  Benjamin Midgley was baptised on the 8th June 1772 at Stansfield, Heptonstall. Benjamin and Susan were married on the 28th August 1791 at Heptonstall. In the 1851 census Benjamin is listed as the head of the household, widower for Lower Blind Land, Sowerby, age 78 adjutant on half pay army, born Stansfield. He was living next door to Joseph Greenwood and Jane his wife [daughter of Benjamin Midgley] Bob Allen is descended through Captain Benjamin Midgley and his wife Susan and Joseph Greenwood and Jane Midgley.
Contact: Bob Allen

See Word  document for Midgley of Heptonstall.  

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Marriage 1592 - Richard Midgley of Addle [Adel] to marry Margaret Armytage of Harewood at Adel or Harewood. [Paver's Marriage Licenses]

Textfile : Midgley of Harewood parish Register entries.

 Harewood Parish registers 1614-1812.

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In the 1841 & 1851 census Thomas and Margaret [nee Midgley of Harewood] Longbottom living at 125 Holbeck Lane, Holbeck, Leeds. Married 2oth October 1817.
They had seven sons:
 i] Thomas Midgley L. born 2nd January 1821 Ch. 28th Jan. 1821.
ii] John L. born 1824 Ch 12th Dec 1824.
ii] William  L. born 1827
iii] Joseph L. born 11th October 1828 Ch. 9th Nov. 1828
iv] Samuel l. born 1830 Ch. 12 Dec. 1830.
v] David l. born 18th March 1833 Ch. 14th April 1833
vi] Job L. b. 1839
David is thought to be Winston's G.G. grandfather and may be the same person who emigrated to Australia on the Gipsy which arrived in Adelaide, South Australia on the 15th August 1853.
Winston would welcome any clues that would show whether this David and his G.G. grandfather are the same person.
Download a copy of Winston's
Excel  file for Midgley of  Harewood
Contact Winston Longbottom

Anne Midgley born Holbeck, married Joseph Himsworth on 12th November 1855, Parish Church Leeds, Anne was aged 20 at the time. Father's name not given. The witnesses were William Farrar Thorp and Edwin Moore. Anne & Joseph  had a son, John born 1861 Pleasant Road, Holbeck. None appear in the U.K. 1851 census and thus may have emigrated.

Contact: Peter Butler

  Horsforth  Horsforth is in Parish of Guiseley


18th century residents of Horsforth were:

Mary MIDGLEY Ch.: 24 Oct 1709, Horsforth. Father: Sam MIDGLEY  

John MIDGLEY  Ch: 5 Apr 1711, Horsforth. Father: Samuel MIDGLEY.

1901 census: William Midgley aged: 38, born:  Horsforth    census: Horsforth      Wheelwright & Joiner

 1881 census:
Dwelling:    Long Row
    Census Place:    Horsforth, York, England
    Source:    FHL Film 1342035     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4333    Folio 112    Page 32
    Marr    Age    Sex    Birthplace
Ann MIDGLEY    W    56     F    Hunslet, York, England
    Rel:    Head
    Occ:    Wheelwrights Widow
Edwin MIDGLEY    W    23     M    Hunslet, York, England
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Wheelwright
**William MIDGLEY    U    18     M    Hunslet, York, England
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Wheelwright
Elizabeth MIDGLEY    U    19     F    Hunslet, York, England
    Rel:    Daur
    Occ:    Power Loom Weaver
Albert MIDGLEY         11     M    Hunslet, York, England
    Rel:    Grandson
    Occ:    Scholar
Ada BANYARD         3     F    Hunslet, York, England
    Rel:    Granddaur
    Occ:    Scholar

Midgley-Horsforth  joiners.

 William Midgley, a wheelwright, joiner & undertaker of Horsforth. Presumably "Bill " is one of the men - probably the one on the left.

1881 census:
    Dwelling:    Town St
    Census Place:    Horsforth, York, England
    Source:    FHL Film 1342035     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4333    Folio 88    Page 24
    Marr    Age    Sex    Birthplace
William MIDGLEY    M    35     M    Wistow Selby, York, England
    Rel:    Head
    Occ:    Farm Ag Lab
Ellen MIDGLEY    M    31     F    Faxfleet Howden, York, England
    Rel:    Wife
David MIDGLEY         12     M    Wistow, York, England
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Scholar
John MIDGLEY         10     M    Wistow, York, England
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Scholar
Alice MIDGLEY         8     F    Wistow, York, England
    Rel:    Daur
    Occ:    Scholar
Rose E. MIDGLEY         6     F    Horsforth, York, England
    Rel:    Daur
    Occ:    Scholar
James MIDGLEY         4     M    Horsforth, York, England
    Rel:    Son
Harman MIDGLEY         1     M    Horsforth, York, England
    Rel:    Son

Also see Guiseley Parish on GENUKI  


Joseph Midgley b. ~1807, Horsforth [census record] married Hannah [Anna] Prince  0n 14th October 1832 either at Guisely or Calverley . Hannah was b. Chapeltown [Chapel Allerton?] or Meanwood (census) ch. 12th July 1807 at St. Peter's, Leeds. Hannah was the daughter of William Prince b. 1st March 1784, ch. 27th Feb. 1785 at Chapel Allerton, son of Thomas Prince.

Joseph is listed as a Farm Labourer in the 1851 census and a Carter ten years later, labourer in 1871 and again a carter in 1881.

Joseph's parents are so far unknown but a Sarah Midgley daughter of Thomas Midgley was ch. at Horsforth  on the 25th December 1800, suggesting that Sarah may be a sister to Joseph.

Joseph and Hannah had an extensive family of at least seven children:


1.Thomas Midgley b~1834 ch. 21st July 1833, Horsforth. He was described as a mechanics labourer in the 1881 census.

2. Mary Midgley b~1835, Horsforth ch. 13 August 1835 [Married Thomas Hargraves b ~ 1845, York].

3. James Prince Midgley b~1838, Horsforth.

4. William b ~ 1844, Horsforth.

5. Ann Midgley b~1845, Hosrsforth. [?Jane in the 1861 census].

6. John Midgley b. ~ 1847, Shipley. In 1861 he was a worsted spinner of Alberts Street, Shipley.

7. Joseph Midgley b~1849, Shipley. In 1861 he is listed as a Worsted spinner In 1899 he was a Shipley councillor for over 40 years. He married Elizabeth A. __________ b. ~1849, Keighley.

Joseph was also a quarry owner and textile processor. Stephen Prior has the family tree , with old photos of the family and Shipley/Saltaire, as well as other items back to Joseph Midgley born 1807, Horsforth.  


        Symbolic key and lock of Shipley council presented to Joseph Midgley, a Shipley councillor.


Stephen Prior



Guiseley and Horsforth BDMs.

Huddersfield A. H. Midgley - Inventor extraordinaire.

Justin Sander says that Vanessa Ann Keeton's (nee Midgley) great grandfather was Albert Henry Midgley born on the 29th November 1881 in Huddersfield, and went on to be one of the most prolific English inventors of the 20th century. Justin adds that they have a large volume of paperwork on him along with personal photos. 
Albert Henry Midgley does not appear on the 1881 census as this was collected in the previous March however on the 1911 census there is an Albert Henry Midgley born Huddersfield ~1882 who was residing at Hendon, nr. Wembley Middlesex.

A.H. Midgleys's grandfather was Jonathan Midgley a joiner and cabinetmaker. He married Sarah Thomas in 1842 in Huddersfield, W.R.Y.

In the 1851 census he is shown as:

Residing: Commercial Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Jonathan Midgley Head, Married Male 33 1818 Joiner & cabinet maker employing (2 boys) Almondbury, Yorkshire, England

Sarah Midgley Wife, Married Female 32 1819 - Hunsingore, Yorkshire, England

Eliza Midgley Daughter - Female 7 1844 Scholar Yorkshire, England

Albert Midgley Son - Male 3 1848 Scholar Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

*Jonathan has not yet been located in the 1861 census

In the 1871 census Jonathan was residing at:

Fitz William Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Jonathan Midgley Head - Male 51 1820 Cabinet Maker Yorkshire, England

Sarah Midgley Wife - Female 49 1822 - Yorkshire, England

Eliza Midgley Daughter - Female 24 1847 Professor of Music. Yorkshire, England

Janet Walker Servant - Female 18 1853 - Yorkshire, England

By the 1881 census he was  residing at:

75, Arthur Street, Huddersfield

Jonathan Midgley Head Married Male 62 1819 Cabinet maker Almondbury, Yorkshire, England

Sarah Midgley Wife Married Female 59 1822 - Hunsingore, Yorkshire, England

Eliza Midgley Daughter Single Female 28 1853 Professor of music Almondbury, Yorkshire, England

Jonathan died aged 67 in the 3rd quarter of 1886


A.H. Midgleys's father was Albert who became a ventilating engineer and later a draper/silk mercer.

In the 1851 census Albert is shown residing at:

Commercial Street, Huddersfield

Jonathan Midgley Head Married Male 33 1818 Joiner & cabinet maker employing (2 boys)Almondbury, Yorkshire, England

Sarah Midgley Wife Married Female 32 1819 - Hunsingore, Yorkshire, England

Eliza Midgley Daughter Female 7 1844 Scholar Yorkshire, England

*Albert Midgley Son Male 3 1848 Scholar Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Again like Jonathan his father, the 1861 census shows no record of Albert

The 1871 census also seems to omit Albert. Albert would have been aged about 23 and possibly left home. Perhaps like his father in the 1861 census he didn't fill out his census form.


14th December 1878 at the Parish Church, Huddersfield.

Albert Midgley 31 years old, draper.

Mary Jane Perry 26 years old, draper.

At the time Albert resided at Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield and Mary Jane at Bath Building(s). (Now located Bath Street) Bath Buildings appears on maps 1890 and was named after spring baths located off the road to St,. John's Road.

Albert's father is given as: Jonathan Midgley, cabinet maker. Mary Jane's father given as: Henry Robert Perry, pilot. [probably on the River Thames]


The 1881 census then shows Albert residing at:

Croft House Lane, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Albert Midgley Head Married Male 33 1848 Draper Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Mary Jane Midgley Wife Married Female 28 1853 - (Stepney) London, Middlesex, England

Ethel M Midgley Daughter Single Female 1 1880 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Minie E Midgley Daughter Single Female 0 1881 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Mary Terry Mother in law Widow Female 57 1824 - Kelvedon, Essex, England

Lucy Bellamy Servant Single Female 19 1862 General servant (domestic) Lincoln, Middlesex, England

Albert Midgley the ventilating engineer's death date is as yet unknown.


ALBERT HENRY MIDGLEY (1881-1961) - One of the most prolific English inventors of the 20th century.

Albert Henry Midgley
Born: 29 November 1881.
Baptised: 9 April 1882, Christ Church, Woodhouse
Residing: Croft House, Marsh.
Father: Albert. A draper
Mother: Mary Jane

In the 1891 census he is shown residing at:

 43 Drewton Street (now Dreton Road), Bradford, Yorkshire

Albert Midgley Head Married Male 43 1848 Ventilating engineer Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Mary Jane Midgley Wife Married Female 38 1853 Stepney, London, Middlesex, England

Ethel Mary Midgley Daughter - Female 11 1880 Scholar Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Albert Henry Midgley Son - Male 9 1882 Scholar Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Alice Maud Mary Midgley Daughter - Female 8 1883 Scholar Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Mary Terry Mother in law Widow Female 68 1823 - Islehurst D' ?Grey, Essex, England

1893 - At the age of twelve he won a scholarship to Bradford Technical College, where he proved to be a brilliant scholar with a particular interest in the production of light and motion by electrical means.

His education was given at Bradford Technical College where he gained thirteen certificates. He held scholarships for his studies. April 1896-1897: Assistant at a chemical laboratory. Many other details given here re his education. [UK Mechanical Engineers Records 1847-1930]

About 1896 A.H. had to leave Bradford Technical College as a day student at the age of fifteen and was apprenticed to A. J. Harris and Co, electrical engineers. He continued his studies at Bradford Technical College as a night student.

In 1898 he moved to London and worked first for George Ayland and Company as a designer of motors and ventilation fans for use in factories and mines.

He was a manager at Reed's Electrical Co. 128, Southwark St., London, S.E. [ UK Mechanical Engineers Records 1847-1930]

20th January 1900 - Albert Henry living at 9, Bingfields St., Caledonian Road, London., 22 years old on 29 November 1903
At the time he was designing and making electrical fans at Messrs Aland & Co., 46, Commercial Road, Lambeth, London.

By 1901 he worked for GEC as an estimator and designer of dynamos and switchboard equipment for generating stations. A.H. developed a dynamo small enough to be mounted in a car and which would provide a constant source of energy irrespective of the speed of the vehicle, which led to his first patent in 1902, and two further patents in 1903.

In the 1901 census A.H. Midgley is shown as residing at:

109, Haslemere Road, West Ham, London & Essex, England

Albert Midgley Head Married Male 53 1848 Comml traveller Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Mary Jane Midgley Wife Married Female 47 1854 - Stepney, Middlesex, England

Ethel Midgley Daughter Single Female 21 1880 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Albert Midgley Son Single Male 19 1882 Electriccal (sic) engineer Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Alice Midgley Daughter Single Female 18 1883 Saleswoman (mantle) clothier Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

In 1907  A.H. joined a German firm, "Plute Schule" (sic), as manager and designer of small dynamos. This gave him the opportunity to travel to France and Germany to study developments there. He formed a company with Plute Schule to develop his patents which included a design for electrical transmission for cars, a device for driving sewing machines and small lathes and a domestic knife cleaning machine.

In 1908 he joined Paul Behren's (sic) of Berlin, where he designed small motors and dynamos and was their sole agent in Britain and the Colonies. A. H. also obtained an agency agreement with H. P. Brookes and Co. of Birmingham for the sale of the motors and dynamos that they manufactured.

In 1910 A. H. Midgley formed a syndicate with Charles Vandervell, and William Proctor, a buyer for the Daimler Car Company and a friend of Vandervell's, to manufacture Midgley's electrical transmission gear and dynamo and develop Vandervell's idea of an accumulator powering an electric lighting set for cars. The firm was later known as C. A. Vandervell and Co.

Midgley made arrangements with Brookes to manufacture his dynamo for Vandervell's. Orders came in at a great rate as the system was in great demand from the motor industry and the manufacturers of lighting systems for trains. Production was moved to new works in Acton.

By the 1911 census A. H. was residing at:

Lothair,  Eagle Road Wembley Middlesex

Albert Henry Midgley Head Married Male 29 1882 Electrical engineer Huddersfield Yorkshire

Florence Mabel Midgley Wife Married Female 29 1882 - Highgate London

Mabel Eileen Midgley Daughter - Female 0 1911 - Wembley Middlesex

A.H. Midgley continued to develop new products, taking out twenty eight patents from 1910 to 1914 and designing a starter which for the first time enabled the car engine to be started efficiently electrically, putting CAV in a dominant position in supplying the motor car and heavy vehicle industry by the outbreak of war in 1914, at which date the new factory in Acton employed 2000 people.

During WWI A.H. was seconded to the Ministry of Munitions to develop inventions for the war effort. His inventions ranged from fuses for bombs, mortars and hand grenades, to gyroscopes and signalling equipment for aeroplanes.

In 1921  A.H. resigned from the company which was acquired by Joseph Lucas Ltd. and in the same year developed a completely new system of car lighting and starting. He also developed ideas in the areas of organ building, radio and the production of musical sounds by electrical means (his sister was a professor of music). He was granted eight patents in 1921.

The last publicly available census, that of 1921 shows:

Albert Henry Midgley Head Male 1881 39 Marsh, Yorkshire, England Electrical Engineer And Designer Own Account

Florance Mabel Midgley Wife Female 1880 40 Highgate, Middlesex, England Home Duties -

Mabel Midgley Daughter Female 1910 10 Wembley, Middlesex, England - -

Albert Morrell Midgley Son Male 1912 8 Wembley, Middlesex, England - -

Frank Midgley Son Male 1914 7 Wembley, Middlesex, England - -

David Midgley Son Male 1917 4 Wembley, Middlesex, England - -

Cecilia Sambert Trinnery Servant Female 1875 46 London, London, England Cook General Employer: Private


Midgley's Mystery Portable

In 1923  A. H. Midgley established a new company with J. Stone and Co of Deptford to manufacture car lighting and starting components. The firm was called the Midgley Car Lighting Co. This company failed under commercial pressure from Joseph Lucas Ltd and Midgley again looked in new directions.

Between 1924 and 1927 he was granted thirteen patents for radio valves, receivers and loudspeakers. In cooperation with Auto Sundries Ltd he produced a five-valve radio set called the Radio Sun, or "Midgley's Mystery Portable", as no-one could explain how it worked.

A single valve set was manufactured by EdiSwan using multi-electrode valves developed by Midgley and was sold under the name of the One Der Radio set. This venture was brought to an end when EdiSwan were acquired by British Thomson Houston.

In 1931 Al. H. also developed an electric organ which was patented in June 1931, and manufactured by Midgley Leighton Ltd until taken over by a new company formed by the Walker brothers and Albert called the Electrophonic Organ Co Ltd.

Having installed in his home an organ which he had designed (built by the firm of John Compton Ltd), he designed an organ for the firm suitable for use in cinemas and theatres. Established a new company called John Compton Organ Co in partnership with John Compton and Reginald and Pickering Walker, directors of J. W. Walker and Sons Ltd another organ building firm. Sales of the new organ boomed and the company prospered.

In 1937 A.H. was associated with the John Compton Organ Co as technical director until 1937.

The Electrophonic Organ Co was acquired by Midgley Electrical Instruments in 1939. However, the company closed at the start of the Second World War.

At the same time A.H. Midgley had also turned his attention to improving radio receivers. He also worked on an amplifier and loudspeakers which he sold as a high quality radio gramophone. This was also manfactured by Midgley Leighton Ltd until 1933 when the company changed its name to Midgley Harmer Ltd. He also invented a microphone and sound recording equipment for use in the film industry.

During WWII Midgley Harmer Ltd designed and manufactured fuses for bombs, including the W bomb used by the RAF, and the fuse for the Barnes Wallis Tallboy bomb.

After WWII A.H. Midgley first moved into making toys, and then into the production of timing switches for washing machines and cookers, and the automobile industry to control traffic signalling indicators, mainly supplied to Trico Folberth Ltd.

Midgley continued to design and invent, being granted twenty eight patents between 1947 and 1958 for timing devices and motors. He worked right until his death on 1st October 1961.

1961 Obituary. 'We record with regret the death of Mr. A. H. Midgley, chairman and founder of Midgley Harmer Ltd., who died on October 1 at the age of seventy-nine. Mr. Midgley was actively engaged in the affairs of his company until the day of his death'. [The Engineer 1961/10/27, p717.]

ORIGINAL PRINTED PATENT APPLICATION NUMBER 18,665 FOR SWITCH MECHANISM FOR SMALL ELECTRIC LIGHTING INSTALLATIONS. (1909) Vandervell, Charles Anthony & Albert Henry Midgley (inventors). Published by HMSO. (1909)



ORIGINAL PRINTED PATENT APPLICATION NUMBER 514,760 FOR IMPROVEMENTS IN ELECTRICAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. (1938) Midgley, Albert Henry & Albert Morrell Midgley (inventors). Published by . HMSO. (1938)


From Wikipedia:

A H Midgley was my great grandfather. He designed the fuse for the Tall-Boy and the W Bomb and, although I'm yet to confirm it on the internet, the Bouncing Bomb. He was a British inventor who specialised in valve switches, having previously designed a number of switches for organs, cookers, cars etc. At the time of designing the fuse for the Tall-Boy he worked through Midgley Harmer Ltd in Middlesex.
Andrew Lloyd Midgley 

Tallboy (and its big brother Grand Slam) did not have a fuze (with a z) but a pistol. A fuze contained its own little explosive charge to initiate the main charge. A pistol was an inert mechanical device (easier to store and handle) which simply triggered, normally by impact, a separate detonator. Laurie53 (talk) 07:07, 27 April 2008 (UTC)

In the first quarter of the 1900's, as an electrical engineer, ALBERT HENRY MIDGLEY was residing at Warple Way, Acton Vale, Middlesex. He worked at Midgley Harmer Ltd, electrical engineers Acton, Middlesex (West London) and was residing at Northwood in 1950.

                                                       Albert Henry Midgley 1925

Also see: Grace's Guide

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Woodbine Mill at Dunk Hill, Idle was first occupied by Messrs. Midgley and Lister for power loom weaving.


Keighley and Hainworth
[Also see Glusburn]
There has been a church at Keighley since the 1200's, the first Rector being inducted in 12453. In 1968 several Midgley tombstones were seen in the overgrown and neglected graveyard around the church. The first register dates from 1562, the covers of this register are of solid oak. The first Midgley entry reads:

                              "April, 1563 The XXVth daie John Midgley
                                           son of Willm. was buried"

Keighley Parish Church before 1805.Also in the register is recorded for 30th July 1759 that the marriage of John Midgley, weaver, and Anne Holmes, spinster, both of Keighley Parish was solemnised. They lived at 'Hawood Hill' [Harewood Hill, on the opposite side of the River Worth to Hainworth] and had the following children:
1. Joseph (1) died in infancy.
2. Mary b. 1760
3. Nathan
4. Joseph (2) b. 1766
5. Sally
6. Holmes (1) died in infancy December 1775.
7. Holmes (2) christened 4th August 1776, died 1850. Holmes Midgley (2) became a worsted weaver and married Martha Greenwood (born 1783 died 1855), daughter of William Greenwood, farmer of Hainworth). They lived at Keighley and later Bingley. From the 1841 census they had six children at Hainworth:

1. William of Wood Bottom, Hainworth. b. 1815 d. 1890. married Martha Jowitt (b. 1821 d.1891)
2. Ann married Harwood of Bradford
3. Grace d.s.p.
4. Betty b. ~ 1827, married Nathan Dobson of Knaresborough.
5. John d.s.p.
6. Greenwood b. 1817 d. 1895, married Martha Dilks of Thornton, Leicestershire. Greenwood Midgley  is referred to in the 1881 census as a "Workhouse Headmaster" at Keighley. They had a daughter, Mary Grace Midgley b. 1850, d. 1930 ,who married Joseph Summerscales.

A Joseph Midgley [bootmaker] married Hannah Sunderland [1828] at Keighley. They had a son, Benjamin also a bootmaker. Benjamin married Ann Brayshaw, they left the Keighley/Bingley area and emigrated to New Zealand

Also  family at Lidget/Lidgate, near Keighley of Nathan ?bap. 1744 and Esther, possible children of Joseph Midgley and _______Heaton.
Contact Prue Turnbull

For the descendants of William Midgley and Ann Hartley married at St. Andrews, Keighley 11th May 1830 See portable document file.
Contact Wayne Sladen

      Keighley, Hainworth, Haworth, Halifax  to Sowerby
William Midgley founded William Midgley and Sons, piano manufacturers of Keighley in about 1899. This branch of the family were quite inventive. William patenting a screw tuning device around 1910. John Midgley, almost certainly William's brother, patented a double slide contrabass trombone in 1861 which is now in Cliffe Castle museum in Keighley.
Janice Deverick would like to contact David Midgley of Yorkshire who contributed the following information  to the PianoGen website, but whose e-mail address has long since been changed.

   "I have the Letters Patent for the Midgley Screw Tuning system,

    including one in German! I have a small mahogany box that

    used to house the demo. mechanism for patent purposes but

    the model itself has been lost. I own a piano made using

    this mechanism; I think they beat Broadwoods to this idea. I

    know where the works were in Riddlesden; this old building

   is now a small furniture making business and not in the

   family. This branch of the family was quite inventive;

   there's a double slide trombone in a local museum (I think

   there was only ever one) which a Midgley played at the

  Albert Hall. Only he and one other local, musical luminary

  could play it, I understand. 


                                                                      On Harden Moor South of Keighley is a locality named Midgeham Flat.

Joseph Midgley born 16th March 1788, Keighley, ch. 8th May 1788 Keighley, married Susannah. Their son was Samuel who about the 1850's moved from Halifax to Sheffield as he appears on the 1861 census at Sheffield. Joseph's possible father and mother were James Midgley [ch. 9th November 1764 at Keighley] and  Hannah Wright whilst James' father and mother were Joseph Midgley and Grace. Betty is the GG granddaughter of Samuel.
Contact: Betty

Other Keighley parish church records include:

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 13 Sep 1763 Ba: C010683 
Father: Joseph MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919143 
Mother: Mary Pr: 6901264 

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 8 Feb 1764 Ba: C010683 
Father: John MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919143 
Mother: Isabel Pr: 6901264 

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 18 Jan 1792 Ba: C010683 # 
Father: Thomas MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919143 
Mother: Alice WINDLE Pr: 6901264 

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 2 Mar 1812 Ba: C010684 # 
Father: William MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919144 
Mother: Mary MURGATROYD 

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 14 Apr 1816 Ba: C010682 + 
Father: Joseph MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919144 
Mother: Susan Pr: 6901264 

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 2 Apr 1820 Ba: C010682 + 
Father: Joseph MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919144 
Mother: Susannah Pr: 6901264 

Thomas MIDGLEY (M).................... C: 10 Jan 1821 Ba: C010682 + 
Father: John MIDGLEY Keighley, Yorkshire, England So: 919144 
Mother: Grace Pr: 6901264 


During the late 1800's a family of  twelve was residing in Keighley

Father: Nathan Midgley
Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Hudson

Jonas b~1875
George b~1876
Priscilla b~1879
Walter b~1879 d. 3 May 1917, Gavrelle, France.
Smith b~1881
Martha b~1883
Joseph b~1885
William b~1887
Arthur b~1889
John b ~ 1895

In 1881 Nathan and his family were residing in King Street, Keighley when he was  a tailor by the 1901 census he is recorded as a Mechanics labourer.
with his wife Srah as a  Worsted weaver.

By the 1891 census the family had moved in with Nathan's parents-in-law at Spring Row, Keighley 
George Hudson Head M 75 Yorkshire, England 

Frances Hudson Wife F 74 Yorkshire England

Nathan Midgley Son In Law M 39 Yorkshire, England
Sarah E Midgley Dtr F 36 Yorkshire, England
Jonas Midgley Son M 16 Yorkshire, England
Pricilla Midgley Dtr F 14 Yorkshire, England
Walter Midgley Son M 12 Yorkshire, England
Martha Midgley Dtr F 8 Yorkshire, England
Joseph Midgley Son M 6 Yorkshire, England
Willie Midgley Son M 4 Yorkshire, England
Arthur Midgley Son M 2 Yorkshire, England

Here Walter was already working as a Worsted Operator

In the 1901 census:
Residing: Spring Row, Keighley
Nathan Midgley Head M 48 Keighley, Yorkshire Labourer (Mechanics)
Sarah E Midgley Wife F 46 Keighley, Yorkshire
Walter Midgley Son M 22 Keighley, Yorkshire General labourer. (see below)
Martha N Midgley Dtr F 18 Keighley, Yorkshire Wool Comber
Joseph Midgley Son M 16 Keighley, Yorkshire Labourer Iron Works.

1911 census: Walter is no longer at home:
Residing: Keighley
Nathan Midgley Head M 59 Keighley, Yorkshire Labourer.
Sahare Elizabeth Midgley Wife F 57 Keighley, Yorkshire
Joseph Midgley Son M 26 Keighley, Yorkshire Labourer, single
Arthur Midgley Son M 22 Keighley, Yorkshire Forger, single
John Midgley Son M 16 Keighley, Yorkshire Clogger maker, single

Birth: abt. 1879.
Death: He was killed in action on 3 May 1917, aged 38 at Gavrelle, France
Service No: 32633
Private, 16th (Service) Battalion* (1st Bradford), The Prince of Wales’s Own (West Yorkshire Regiment), 93 Brigade, 31st Division. Army no 32633 
Brother of Joseph Midgley, of 1, Ashfield St., Knowle Park, Keighley, Yorks. 
Burial: Arras Memorial, Arras, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, Plot: Bay 4. He appears on the Nurses Houses Memorial, Keighley
*Also known as the 'Bradford Pals'.


                                                        The position of the 16th battalion on 3rd May 1917 between Gavrelle and Oppy Wood, France.

See  'They Gave Their Today''  for Baildon near Keighley  which gives Walter's army details, so he may have been residing at Baildon before he volunteered.

Also see The Bradford Pals [pdf] for an excellent description of troop movements and first hand descriptions of life in the trenches of Western Europe. They gave their lives. Do not forget.

Contact through guestbook on main page








[Also see Adel]
1. Stanningley, Leeds - David Midgley of Wood Nook Ironworks is mentioned as a Mechanical Engineer in Kelly's Directory 1883
2. Armley, Leeds - Charles Midgley b. Pudsey, b.1842 (d. 1878-1899) married Ann b. 1848, lived at Armley. Five Children: Wiiliam b. 1868 Armley, James b. 1870, Mary b. 1873, Sarah b.1876, Charlie born abt.1882, Walter born abt. 1879, married 1899.
Contact : Trevor Midgley [Addy updated 10th September 2010]
Sandra McAllister says that  Charles was born in 1841 and died 1897 at St. Mary's Hospital, Armley, Leeds. He married Ann Hewitt who was born 1847 and together they had eight children rather than the six shown above. The two other children were Lewis Midgley born 1879 and Eliza midgley born 1885.  Lewis is Sandra's great grandfather who appears aged nine in the 1891 census and he also appears in the 1901 census. Sandra is working on the possibility that Charles' [b. 1841] parents were William Midgley born about 1811 possibly at Pudsey and Mary Ann Stanley born 1818. They were married at St Peters Church, Leeds on 25th December 1836. Charles the son of William and Mary Ann was born on 5th June 1841 at Lowtown, . He was a Clothier.  
Contact: Sandra McAllister

Leeds Parish Church
                                                                From Thoresby's Topography, 1715

After the dissolution of the monasteries, Kirkstall Abbey lands became available to purchase. The Protestant Midgley family, like the Armytages were not backwards in furthering their chances at farming more land. A branch which descended from Edward Midgley of Midgley near Halifax moved to Breary Hall [Brerehaugh] near Bramhope under Edward's son, Richard Midgley. Richard's son, John, had three sons, Robert Midgley of Brerehaugh, Richard and Thomas6.
Edward was of West Breary while his brother, Richard resided at East Breary.12

Again the descent is shown in Thoresby's Topography as shown below, including the Midgley blazon : "Sable 2 bars gemels Or, upon a chief of the second, three Calthorps of the first". :

Midgley Pedigree 1

Midgley Pedigree 2

The above pedigree  can be downloaded here.


1607 - Marmaduke Smithson and his son Francis sold ‘a messuage and lands in Addle, Ecop, Arthington and Weardley’ to Cyril Arthington and Francis Midgley and Grace his wife.



'Alwoodley Old Hall, was a dominant building in the area where a branch of the Weardley Smithsons lived during the 1700's. It replaced an earlier hall and both appear to have been the residences of the substantial tenant family, the Midgleys.' 9
This manor was purchased by Sir Gervase Clifton in 1630  being sold in 1661 to a Cornelius Clarke. The first Lord Bingley purchased it in 1729, and it then descended by marriage to the Lane Fox family. The construction of the reservoir to the north meant the end for the hall when it was realised that the new water supply for Leeds could be contaminated by effluent from the hall which subsequently fell into decay. Alwoodley Old Hall was finally demolished in 1969, all except one fine window survived that was destroyed some time later. 


Mr Samuel Midgeley, was the steward to Sir John Sheffield of Weardley, and as such was a ‘master’ and gentleman (WYAS WYL 250/3/13b f7 Estate Surveys). On his death in 1779, he lived in Alwoodley Hall, west of Harewood. The hall contained at least ten rooms containing high status goods such as a ‘silver pint’, ‘tea board’ and ‘tea pot’ (BI PRO 127/89). Judging by Samuel Midgley’s house and its contents this example shows that high-status members of the community did not necessarily rent the most land.8




                                                                       Alwoodley Old Hall



Married Mary, daughter of Robert Midgley [probably Robert of Breary, the great grandson of Edward Midgley. They had a son Samuel II.

SAMUEL II  MIDGLEY OF ALWOODLEY Living c. 1698, 1704 and 1712
Samuel also held land in Harewood. Detail from a late 1600's map of the manor of Harewood (possibly, 1698) shows an area around Burden Head. Samuel Midgley’s land is shown bounded on the east by the Low Close fields with Stub House Close further down Stubhouse Beck.  Adjoining Low Close was a freehold property, labelled as ‘Mr Sam Midgley’s Land’, perhaps a member of the family who had purchased Marmaduke Smithson’s Adel and Weardley properties in 1607. Samuel Midgley was an important Alwoodley tenant who, with his wife (Ann Scaife) were witnesses to Richard Smithson's will.10 Samuel II and Ann had a son Samuel III.



Married firstly, Mary Hobson, they had two sons, John and Thomas I Midgley Samuel III married secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John Batt of Middleham, Gent.



In 1768 Thomas Midgley is described in a document as a 'commissioner of Cookridge, North Riding of Yorkshire'.11 This is probably the Thomas Midgley of Thoresby's pedigree above who was great grandson of Samuel I and the second son of Samuel III Midgley of Alwoodley afterwards of Harewood and Mary Hobson. Thomas I married firstly Easter, widow of Thomas Smales Esq. of Middleham having four children, Samuel 'Of the Crown Office', Elizabeth, Ellen and Thomas II Midgley of Cookridge, 



Thomas II married Ann Lamb daughter of Mr. William Lamb of Arthington Nunnery and they had a son, Thomas III Midgley. Thomas I married secondly, Catherine Elizabeth Bulmer, daughter of M. Bulmer Gent. of Middleham.


As can be seen from the above pedigree, Midgley of Midgley divided into three main branches, one for the surgeon Dr. Robert in Leeds [d.1723], one in Breary on the outskirts of the modern day Leeds conurbation and one in Alwoodley, later in Harewood. In addition the Breary branch became seated at the ancient Cathedral city of Beverley [East Riding, now Humberside] in the person of Jonathan Midgley of Beverley, a lawyer, three times mayor of Beverley who had Norwood House built in Beverley about 1760.  From the Beverley Corporation Minute book of 1737, it appears that the mayor's son, also Jonathan, was an Attorney of the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster.

Norwood house has architectural significance, originally passing through Jonathan's granddaughter, Mary to the Beverley family, when she married William Beverley of Beverley. The house remained in this family until 1833. After this time it was the residence of an M.P. for the East Riding , passing through a series of tenants until 1907 when the  E.R.C.C. purchased the  building as Beverley High School for Girls. The school has now been vacated and listed as a Grade1 building by English Heritage.
Robert Midgley M.D. of Leeds [d. 1723 aged 70 years] erected a monument  to his first wife Isabella nee Neale [d. 1706], the daughter of an M.D. in Leeds.
Thoresby's Topography states:

"Upon a pillar [in Leeds Parish Church] " is a very curious Monument of Black and white marble, with this inscription in Letters of Gold: "Here under is interred the mortal remains of Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of Robert Midgley Chirurgeon [Surgeon] daughter of George Neale M.D. whose vertues she truly imitated. She died 17th Feb. 1706 after a godly, righteous and sober life of two and forty years.; to whose memory her disconsolate husband placed this."

 "Upon a pillar [in Leeds Parish Church] " is a very curious Monument of Black and white marble, with this inscription in Letters of Gold: "Here under is interred the mortal remains of Isabella, the dearly beloved wife of Robert Midgley Chirurgeon [Surgeon] daughter of George Neale M.D. whose vertues she truly imitated. She died 17th Feb. 1706 after a godly, righteous and sober life of two and forty years.; to whose memory her disconsolate husband placed this." .."The arms: Sable 2 bars gemels Or, upon a chief of the second, three Calthorps of the first".
Also see Midgley of Leeds page.
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North Bierley
Samuel T. Midgley born North Bierley abt. 1831. A Boot Manufacturer, Alderman & Magistrate Employing 50 Men 25 Women & 25 Boys according to the 1881 census. At this time living at Elm Wood Shaw Hill, Skircoat. Married to Hannah born abt. 1829 at Northowram. At least four children;
1.Samuel S. born abt.1863, Halifax.
2.Mary  born abt. 1865, Halifax.
3.Arthur W. MIDGLEY born abt. 1867, Halifax.
4.Annie E. MIDGLEY  born abt. 1874, Halifax.
See text file for 1881 census for Bierley

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William Whittaker Midgley born 24th June 1818, Pontefract, died 1 June 1881, Furrier.
Son of Rev. William Midgley d. 1823 who married Lockwood d. 8 Dec 1820, Bramley, Leeds..The Rev. William was a minister from 1798 to his death in 1823. [He could possibly be related to William Midgley, curate of Sowerby].
Samuel married Maria Vevers in 1850 at Taunton, Devon. Maria was born 2nd August 1825 d. 5th August 1888 London, buried Bow churchyard.
They had at least five children
1. William, born Manchester, Lancs.
2. Maria b abt. 1860 Manchester, Lancs.
3. Clara, born abt. 1863 Manchester, Lancs
Martha born abt. 1864, Lancs. married Hancock.
Alice, born Manchester.
This family appears in the 1881 census as living as furriers in Mile End Road, London.
Maria was the daughter of the Rev. William Vevers born Yorkshire and Hannah born 30th June 1791 at Wakefield.
Contact: Jonathan Fryer  Jonathan this email address seems to be out of date, Gill would like to contact you regarding a genealogy link he has to your antecedants.
Contact: Gill
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William Midgley, engineer of Baildon Moor Colliery, Baildon, Shipley2.
Also see Calverley.

See Lady Day Hearth Tax 1672 for Wilsden
Haley Anderson Midgley born at Wilsden, married Mary Ann Charlton? They had at least one child, Edith Maude Midgley. Haley migrated to Australia
Contact : Linda Barnes
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Farsley cum Calverley
Derek's grandmother was Jane Midgley born abt. 1859, Farsley, daughter of David Midgley, Grocer born abt.1837 Farsley and Elizabeth  nee Parkinson of Farsley.
The family are found in the 1851 census at Farsley as William Midgley [39] born 1811 at Pudsey, wife Jane [40] born Farsley, Martha [16] born Farsley and David [14] born Farsley. The 1841 census shows an additional child, James [8] but does not appear in the 1881 census. They were livng at Andrews Square, Farsley in 1841, William's occupation is listed as woolslubber. According to the 1851 census, William is recorded as being born in Pudsey in 1812.

So far Derek has not been able to find the birth or baptism of William Midgley at Pudsey in 1811, as he was 39
in the 1851 census taken at Beck Bottom, Farsley. William married  Jane Whiteley on 19th November1832 at Calverley, with children Martha 16 and David 14 [born 8th August 1836 at Farsley], who married Elizabeth Parkinson at St.Peters, Leeds in 1858. Their daughter Jane Midgley [born 29th October 1858] married Oliver Hind Coe on 28th August 1833 at Farsley.
David Midgley was Derek's great grandfather and has an old photograph of him and also one of his wife, Elizabeth. It seems that some of the Pudsey records of 1812 may have been lost .

Contact: Derek Hindle in Tasmania, Australia .

Mary Midgley of Oldfield married James Hall, Yeoman of Newsholme near Keighley, (to be proved) daur of Nathan Midgley. Descendants of Mary Midgley:
[Note: Oldfield the residence near Laverock Hall also occurs in reference to Midgley of Haworth]
Generation No. 1
1. MARY2 MIDGLEY (NATHAN1) was born 1693 in Keighley?, and died April 14, 1758 in Newsholme. She married JAMES HALL June 12, 1718 in Keighley St Andrews, son of ROBERT BOB HALL. He was born 1694 in Newsome, and died February 6, 1764 in Newsholme.

More About MARY MIDGLEY: Baptism: March 20, 1692/93, St Andrews Keighley
More About JAMES HALL: Burial: February 9, 1764, St Andrews Keighley
Christening: November 26, 1694, Kieghley St Andrew
Children of MARY MIDGLEY and JAMES HALL are:
i. ROBERT3 HALL, b. 1719, Newsholme; d. July 17, 1775, Newsholme; m. (1)
MARY TAYLOR, February 21, 1738/39, Haworth Parish Church; b. 1722, Haworth;
d. January 15, 1752, Y; m. (2) ELIZABETH SPEIGHT, June 25, 1752, Coley
Parish Church; b. 1722, Coley; d. Y;.
Christening: April 22, 1719, Keighley Parish Church
Burial: January 17, 1752, St Andrews Keighley
ii. MIDGLEY HALL, b. 1722, Oldfield; m. MARTHA; d. March 21, 1753, Newsholme.
More About MARTHA: Burial: March 23, 2753, St Andrews Keighley
iii. JAMES HALL, b. 1725.
iv. ELIZABETH HALL, b. 1732.
v. JOHN HALL, b. 1735.
Contact:  Janet Ogden

[Also see Keighley]
 Sarah Ann Midgley and husband Thomas Shackleton.
 They had a son called Midgley Shackleton who married an Elizabeth Hey or
From The 1881 census:
 Dwelling: Green Lane
 Census Place: Glusburn,[Nr. Keighley] York, England
 Source: FHL Film 1342027     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4306    Folio 90    Page 12
 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Midgley SHACKLETON M 24  M Keighley, York, England
 Rel: Head
 Occ: General Laboures
Elizabeth SHACKLETON M 21  F Kildwick, York, England
 Rel: Wife
Tom M. SHACKLETON   1  M Keighley, York, England
 Rel: Son
Jas. A. SHACKLETON   3 m M Kildwick, York, England
 Rel: Son

Contact: Stewart

Todmorden lies high in the Pennines on the pass between Halifax [Yorkshire] and Burnley [Lancashire]. This was the lifeline between the two separated parts of the Duchy of Lancaster, the Whalley Abbey estates and the De Laci Lands. Consequently a major packhorse route, "The Long Causeway"  traversed the Pennines here. Like much of Lancashire in the 1800's the town was very dependent on cotton spinning and weaving. Cotton mills, using cotton from India and the U.S.A.were established in these areas due to:
* The availability of water power
* The humid climate required to maintain the integrity of the cotton threads whilst processing
* Capital and enterprise.

John Midgley emigrated to New Zealand with his son Wilfred and wife and Wifred's son, Robert Charles Midgley in the early part of the 1900's. Robert was eleven at the time. Robert had two children Jonathon and Cherith.
The1881 census: A Search for John Midgley of Todmorden produced a large family:

Dwelling: Lumbutts House
 Census Place: Langfield, York, England
 Source: FHL Film 1342041     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4359    Folio 91    Page 15
 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
John MIDGLEY M 39  M Todmorden, Lancashire, England
 Rel: Head
 Occ: Manager Of Cotton Factory
Sarah MIDGLEY M 46  F Todmorden, York, England
 Rel: Wife
 Occ: Housekeeper
Susannah MIDGLEY U 18  F Todmorden, Lancashire, England
 Rel: Daur
 Occ: Spinner In Cotton Mill
Luke MIDGLEY U 17  M Todmorden, Lancashire, England
 Rel: Son
 Occ: Spinner In Cotton Mill
John MIDGLEY   15  M Todmorden, Lancashire, England
 Rel: Son
 Occ: Spinner In Cotton Mill
Sarah MIDGLEY   13  F Todmorden, Lancashire, England
 Rel: Daur
 Occ: Spinner In Cotton Mill
Albert MIDGLEY   11  M Todmorden, Lancashire, England
 Rel: Son
 Occ: Doffer In Cotton Mill
Mary Ellen MIDGLEY   9  F Todmorden, York, England
 Rel: Daur
 Occ: Scholar
Sam MIDGLEY   5  M Todmorden, York, England
 Rel: Son
 Occ: Scholar
Contact: Jonathon Midgley
See text file for Midgley of Todmorden  

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Strays [Those born outside the County of Yorkshire and Lancashire].

Midgley of Derby, Derbyshire, 1881 census:
William MIDGLEY       Head       M       Male       30       Derby, England       Engine Fitter       
Emma MIDGLEY       Wife       M       Female       29       Derby, England       Engine Fitters Wife       
Alfred MIDGLEY        Son              Male       11       Derby, England       Scholar       
Henry MIDGLEY        Son              Male       10       Derby, England       Scholar       
Mary A. MIDGLEY    Dau              Female       8       Derby, England       Scholar       
Ernest J. MIDGLEY    Son              Male       2       Derby, England              
Frederick W. MIDGLEY       Son              Male       1       Derby, England              
Samuel LOWE       Visitor       U       Male       31       Sutton, Leicester, England      Labourer In Iron Works       

Dwelling      24 Twyford St
Census Place     Litchurch, Derby, England

Litchurch is a part of Derby and Twyford St. is off Normanton Road near what was, in the 1850's an arboretum. On the other side of the arboretum was [Twyfords?] china works, today a heritage pottery.

Two sons on the IGI of William''s and Emmas also  appear in the above 1881 census:

Alfred Edwin MIDGLEY (M)..............  C: 18 Sep 1872  Father: William MIDGLEY    Saint Andrews  Derby  Mother: Emma   England

Henry Park MIDGLEY (M)................  C: 18 Sep 1872       Father: William MIDGLEY     Saint Andrews, Derby, Derby,     Mother: Emma

They were christened at St. Andrews, Derby. There is a good chance that if their father was born in Derby he was christened here in ~1851 and possibly married here.
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Jonathan Midgley married Sinah Hughes, their child Thomas Midgley b.1772 married Catharine Smedley 19th May 1811 at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London, England. They had seven children one of whom was William born 1882 in Middleton [Yorkshire?]. He married Eliza Dalton 12th June 1842.  William and Eliza appear to have migrated to Australia . They had eight children one of whom was John Thomas Midgley b.1861 Prahan, Victoria, Australia. John married Barbara Jane Robertson 22nd Jan 1885 at Petersham, NSW Australia. For this family and Australian born descendants download  a zipped Gedcom here.
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