Midgley name and origins revealed. Midgley of Wharfedale
Middle Wharfedale, including Spofforth,Sicklinghall, Linton, Kirkby Overblow, Wetherby, Bardsey, Collingham, East Keswick, Harewood, Arthington, Otley, Breary & Adel.

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Adel [Addle] Harewood
Alwoodley  Kirkby Overblow
Bardsey Linton
Bramhope Otley
Breary Sicklinghall 
Collingham  Spofforth & District
East Keswick Wetherby
                                                                                                                 Wetherby Schools
Wetherby from a postcard in the 1990's
                              Wetherby in the 1980's

From the International Genealogical Index [1994 version] Midgley family members have been collated, perhaps for the first time, as family groups based upon their likely place of  residence [see linked text files below]. Each residence is taken to be the parish in which they were entered in that parish register.
A study from the I.G.I. of the earliest entries for the Midgley surname in mid-Wharfedale villages shows the following in chronological order:

Adel 1588
Otley 1591
Breary 1594
Kirkby Overblow 1659
Harewood 1663
Bardsey 1703
Cookridge 1704
East Keswick 1729
Collingham 1731
Spofforth 1774
Bramhope 1799

These dates may provide us with the spread of the family over this district, originating  from Thornton in Bradford Dale5 and geneally progressing north eastwards from there.

There is little doubt that the yeoman residents of Wharfedale were required to become involved in the many battles of these northern marches in which war with Scotland continued throughout most of England's history. Many northerners were required for service in Northumberland, Durham and Scotland. Some examples of battles in The North &Yorkshire are :

Winwaed 654 Anglians def. Mercians.
Fulford 1066 Harold def. Edwin Earl of Morcar.
Stamford Bridge 1066 Harold def. Tostig.
Battle of The Standard 1138 Stephen of England def. David of Scotland.
White Battle [Myton] 1322 Scots def.York's 'Clerics' army. 
Battle of Boroughbridge 1322 Ed. II def. Thomas, earl of Lancaster.
Bramham Moor 1408 Henry IV def. Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland.
Battle of Wakefield  Lancastrians def.Yorkists
Battle of Towton 1461 Edward IV def. Henry VI
Marston Moor 1644  Parliamentarians def. Prince Rupert.
Battle of Pontefract 1646 Parliamentarians versus Royalists.

Spofforth & District
Spofforth for hundreds of years was controlled by the Percy family who saw ascendancy in the 1300's. At this time the Percy family could treat with the English kings on equal terms. Their loyalty was essential to the three king Edwards for the maintenance of order in the North of England and to stave off the ever present Scottish incursions into England. It has been remarked by one wit that half the Yorkshire population is composed of Scots who never achieved their goal of reaching London.
Sicklinghall and Kirkby Overblow lie on the land between the castle at Spofforth and Harewood House. The owners of Harewood owned and continue to own vast estates in Wharfedale.
To the East of Sicklinghall lies the small picturesque town of Wetherby and to the south Bardsey. Arthington and Otley lie further west in Wharfedale. Most these places have long historical links with the Midgley surname going back to the dispersion of lands following the "Dissolution of the Monasteries" in Henry VIII's time.
There were Midgley's recorded at Spofforth in the 1600's3:

Edward MUGELAY [sic] christened 22 August 1602
Father: Christopher MUGELAY Spofforth, Yorkshire,England
More names in text file For others see: Spofforth text file [11 entries]
Events:  A=Adult Chr  B=Birth  C=Chr  D=Death  M=Marr  S=Misc  N=Census  W=Will

In Baines's Directory of "professions and trades" for Spofforth in 1822 there are no Midgley surnames appearing indicating those with a trade or profession may have migrated overseas or moved to the burgeoning industrial towns of West Yorkshire.
In the 1881 census there are 2 people recorded as being born here.
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Kirkby Overblow
Named from the workers of a local iron forge, the Kirkby Ore Blowers6  No doubt this industry would have attracted families searching for employment in the iron industry. The earliest Midgley surname recorded in the I. G. I. is:
Edward MIDGELEY  S: 15 Apr 1659, Spouse: Hellen ATKINSON
Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire, England

More names in text file For others see: Kirkby Overblow text file [8 entries]
In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here.
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Lies in the parish of Kirkby Overblow, west of Wetherby. In 1822 its population was 257. There are no entries for Sicklinghall in the I.G.I., all these appear to have been recorded in Kirkby Overblow parish church register.
David Monroe Midgley
Born 1838 at Sicklinghall, Yorkshire. His father was Joseph Midgley (b. abt. 1800) in Yorkshire Joseph married  Ellen [Helen] Mitchell in 1820 at nearby Spofforth. Kelly has extensive information on this family in the U.S.
Contact: Kelly  Jo [Midgley] Thompson, Arizona.
Bernard Midgley lived ten miles from Sicklinghall, he is the great x3 grandson of Robert and Alice Midgley. Robert's father was Joseph and his brother was also a Joseph who married Helen [above]. Joseph and wife Helen migrated to the U.S. about 1858, they had three children.

No record occurs for Midgley of Sicklinghall in the 1994 I.G.I.

Joseph Midgley
Married Helen Mitchel in 1820. Joseph, Helen and the children emigrated to America in the 1850's  They had at least three children:
    *David Midgley, born 1838,  Sicklinghall, Yorkshire
   * Samuel Midgley
   * ?William Midgley
Contact: Bill Midgley, Stockton, California.
David Midgley is Bill's great grandfather.
Read what others are doing Bill has put a Midgley bulletin board at Genforum

David  ?Maxey Midgley
Born 12th March 1838 at Sicklinghall, Yorkshire. His father was Joseph and his mother Helen Mitchel.
David emigrated from England to Illinois and then moved to Oklahoma.
Contact: Mary Seal
In the 1881 census there were 17 people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here, 10 of them in one family, that of Robert Midgley, Agricultural Labourer,  who was aged  55 at the census.

Johnathan Midgley and Juliana
 Dwelling: Waterhouse
 Census Place: Bramhope, York, England
 Source: FHL Film 1342035     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4334    Folio 139    Page 5
 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Jonathen MIDGLEY M 38  M Sicklinghall, York, England
 Rel: Head
 Occ: Workman
Juliana MIDGLEY M 35  F Sicklinghall, York, England
 Rel: Wife
Edmond A. MIDGLEY U 16  M Sicklinghall, York, England
 Rel: Son
 Occ: Errand Boy
Annie L. MIDGLEY U 12  F Sicklinghall, York, England
 Rel: Dau
 Occ: Schola
Charles MIDGLEY U 3  M Bramhope, York, England
 Rel: Son
Henry MIDGLEY U 1  M Bramhope, York, England
 Rel: Son
Contact: Catherine Ferguson

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Linton, on the left bank of the River Wharfe west of Wetherby, Baines' Directory of 1822 records a William Midgley, joiner & wheelwright.
From the 1851 census for Linton there is recorded a Mary Midgley head of household, widow, 71 years of age, annuitant born Farsley cum Elenerley?
No record occurs for Midgley in Linton in the 1994 I.G.I.
In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here.

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Wetherby in 1955
                                            Wetherby in the 1950's

In the 1822 Baines's Directory of professions and trades for Wetherby a Charles Midgley, a skinner of North End is recorded.
Deaths recorded at Wetherby show:
No record occurs for Midgley of Wetherby in 1994 version of theI.G.I.
In the 1881 census there were 11 people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here. 

Wetherby Bridge
Wetherby Bridge 1831  A New and Complete History of the County of York by Thomas Allen

Samuel Midgley married Jane Burnett and left for America in January 1845. See letter and 'translation'  below written from Stock Hill [Stockeld] near Wetherby dated December 1845:

Stock Hill* near Wetherby Yorkshire
Dec. 9 1845
My Dear Brother
                         I received your kind letter dated May 26th 1845 and was happy to hear from you but sorry you did not give me an account of your passage and time of arrival as the weather here was very stormy. James Batty went to America soon after you did. He has written home and says that he has seen Charles Lewis and that his brother John is dead and he wishes me to say what legacies are left. I have told him to write to you as you know more about that business than I do. Charles has also written to Plumpton to say that his brother John went into the country a blacksmith and no doubt is dead. Samuel Midgley married Jane Burnett and left for America last January. We think that they are gone to live near Samuel Mitchell. I have seen Mr. Gill and paid the bill, £4 13s. 0d and gave the Toleration Deed to him but he would not give me the old deed without a note from you. Mr. Gill says you told him to keep it. John Brown married Mrs. Scraw soon after you left and is now living at Hartslee. He has begun a school for himself. He told me he would write to you before he left. I sent to him your directions. The last time I saw him he told me he had been to the Bank with £13 for you and they they told him at the Bank that you had not written to them.
His father does not know that he has put any money in the Bank. Mr. Ridsdale sent the interest for the £600 to the Bank at Leeds last July
I thought it would make the note better if anything happened to me. I have paid to Mr. Ridsdale a part in three. William Flint's father.......

* Stockeld


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Bardsey Grange, Bardsey-cum -Rigton, 1882. The earliest I.G.I. record is:
Maria MIDGLEY christened 3rd October 1695    
Father: Gulielmi [William] MIDGLEY  Bardsey, Yorkshire,England

More names in text file For others see: Bardsey text file [37 entries]

Baines's Directory for 1822 records David and Richard Midgley as corn millers.

In the 1881 census there was one person of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here. Samuel A. MIDGLEY  78   Retired Farmer,  Bardsey Lodge, he was living in Collingham in 1881
"In the year 1851, at the age of 51, John Midgley, a tenant farmer in the small village of Bardsey, eight miles North of Leeds in Yorkshire, decided to emigrate to Australia with his wife Mary Allan and their three children John, William & Sarah. The reason for their final decision was not clear in Sarah Midgley's diary, but a major factor probably was John Midgley's disagreement with his landlord [probably the Earl of Harewood-T.M.] over his right to vote for the candidate of his choice at an election, and their destination-Victoria- may have been influenced by the fact that in that year [1851] it was proclaimed as England's youngest Colony, and would therefore have been much in the news in England at the time"8.
See: Australian Emigrants
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Harewood Castle
William de Meschines built a castle here soon after 1066 probably following "The Harrying of The North"  Later in the 1300's it was in the possession of the Aldburghs, passing to the De Insula family, then in the 1500's the estate was purchased by William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe. Gawthorpe is now represented by Harewood House and Park near Harrogate. Later the castle was sold by Sir John Cutler which was then inherited by John Boulter. 

In 1739 Henry Lascelles [descended from John de Lascelles, of Hinderskelfe, and who held lands in 1315 in 9Ed. II] purchased the property, it was Henry's son who became the first Lord Harewood. This first lord was Edwin Lascelles [d. 1795] whose son became 2nd Earl Harewood [cr: 1812], Edward Lascalles, who was succeeded by his son Henry Lascelles third Earl Harewood. Since Harewood house was built (1759-1771) for Edwin Lascelles it has been the residence of the Lascelle family and their descendants. Harewood  came into some note when Henry George Charles Lascelles the 7th Earl of Harewood acceded to the estate in 1947 and married Princess Royal Victoria, Alexandra, Mary daughter of George [V] Wettin of Great Britain [who assumed the name Windsor].  The 7th earl of Harewood is probably a Freemason and the person 'Pope John de Lockesley' claims as his natural father.

Harewood House
In 1822 Harewood House was the seat of the 2nd Earl of Harewood in his line. The house was built  by John Muschamp of Harewood, designed by Carr of York and Adams of London. The grounds were laid out by "Capability" Brown. The estate was no doubt a major employer of agricultural labour. The local church in Harewood boasts undamaged effigies from the 1300 and 1400's. The earliest Midgley recorded born in the parish of Harewood from the I.G.I. was:
William MIDGLEY born about 1635  F#: 452852  @
Of Harewood, Yorkshire, England
(no parents are recorded)
More names in text file For others see: Harewood Word  file [212 entries]

Besides being local farmers it is highly probable that many of the Midgley families of Harewood were employed at Harewood House. Baines's directory in Harewood for  1822 records Jonathan Midgley as being a farmer here. In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here.

Neil Midgley with the assistance of John Armistead has traced his line back to William Midgley, b 21 January 1763, d 19 January 1842, buried Harewood (M.I.) 
Initially William's wife was thought to be Elizabeth Sharper . 15 March 1786  based upon entry no. 243 in the Harewood Parish Marriage Register from 1767 to 1797 held at WYAS, Sheepscar, Leeds.
However, another marriage has been identified that appears to be more likely found in the Holy Trinity, King's Court, York, Marriage Register viz:
1st November 1790, William Midgley, age 27, of Harewood and the town of East Keswick, and Elisabeth Holmes, age 23, by licence. Witnesses: James Midgley, William Marston.
This new evidence is at variance with that shown on 'Ancestry'. Evidence that this is the correct William and Elisabeth's marriage is given below:

(1) The Harewood PR entry gives William Midgley's residence as "Bardsey Farm"
(2) Elisabeth's age on the Neil's line for William Midgley's headstone does not fit Elizabeth Sharper's d.o.b.
(3) M. I. on headstones in Bardsey churchyard include:
a) Here lie interred the bodies of three children of William and Elizabeth Midgley of Bardsey Grange ....
Also the body of Elizabeth, wife of the above said William Midgley who departed this life October 28th 1800 Aged 32 years.
b) William Midgley of Bardsey Grange who departed this life July 1st 1816, aged 66 years.
(4) Oct 28th 1800 with an age of 32 gives Elizabeth Midgley of Bardsey Grange a d.o.b. of abt 1768. This fits with her being nee Sharper.
born 4 Jan 1769, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sharper, baptised 18th February 1769 at Harewood.

Also given are Joseph Midgley d. 15th January 1812 aged 80 years9 and his wife Margaret.
Contact Neil Midgley - updated 12th June 2010

Winston Longbottom believes he has traced the marriage and children of Thomas Longbottom and Margaret Midgley who lived at 125 Holbeck Lane, Holbeck, married at St. Peter's, Leeds 20th October 1817.  In the 1841 & 1851 census Thomas and Margaret [nee Midgley] Longbottom living at 125 Holbeck Lane, Holbeck, Leeds. Married 20th October 1817.
Download a copy of Winston's Excel  file for Midgley of  Harewood-Holbeck Also see Holbeck

Winston can trace Margaret as Margaret Midgley of Harewood born 1794.
Margaret's parents were John [b~1761 I.G.I.] and Mary Midgley [b~1765 I.G.I] of Harewood.
William b.14th June [8th July I.G.I.] 1787 at Harewood [I.G.I] Ch. 8th July 1787 at Harewood.
John b. 3rd Dec. [28th Dec. I.G.I.] 1791 at Harewood Ch. 28th Dec 1791 at Harewood.
Margaret  b. 25th Nov. [Dec. I.G.I.] 1794 at Harewood Ch. 25th Dec 1794 at Harewood.
Robert b.8th Jan 1798 at Harewood Ch.4th Feb. 1798 at Harewood.
Charlotte  b. 24th Dec. 1799 at Harwood Ch. 19th Jan 1800 at Harewood.
Sarah b. 7th July 1805  [19th Jan. 1800 I.G.I.] at Harewood Ch. 18 Aug. 1805, at Harewood.
Mary b. 1st March [6th April I.G.I] 1806 at Harewood Ch. 6th April 1806 at Harewood.
Ann b. 11th Jan. 1809 [also I.G.I] at Harewood Ch. 5th March 1809 at Harewood.

Winston is trying to locate more information about this family.
Contact Winston Longbottom

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Otley [Othleai of Domesday]
An Anglian name for the "Field of Otho or Othe"  Otley is one of the early English parishes which was dissassembled following The Norman Conquest. The area was given to the Archbishop of York and the courts of the magistrate were aligned with those of Cawood and Wistow following the pattern of the Archbishop's holdings. The church provides evidence of well known Yorkshire family names such as Vavasour, Palmes, Fairfax, Fawkes and Pulleyn [Pulleine].

White's Directory of 1837 records a residence named  "Midgley House" in Otley and about a mile east of Otley is situated "Midgley Farm" which lies on the flood plain or leys [water meadows] of the right bank of the River Wharfe near Coley farm and Hall. It is shown on the 7th series O.S. map at 223455. To the south rise the steeply rising Coley Crags. 

Midgley Fam near Otleyr
                                                                       Midgley Farm near Otley

The earliest record from the I.G.I. for Otley is:
Richard MIDGLEY born about 1575   
Spouse: Marie WAIT   Of Otley, Yorkshire, England   

More names in text file For others see: Otley text file [33 entries]

Midgley settlement 1600's-1900's mid-Wharfedale

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*Brearey (Breary), East, a hamlet in the township and parish of  Adel [Addle].
*Brearey (Breary), West, a hamlet in the township of Arthington and parish of Adel.
Breary could have been named from the brewing of beer here. There is a "Brewery Farm" to the west of the hamlets.
Crest and Arms granted to Sir Thomas Midgley in the 1780's Earliest I.G.I. records are:
Beatrix MIDGLEY  [no birth date given]  Breary, Yorkshire, England  (no parents recorded)
Robert MIDGLEY born about 1593  Of Breary, Yorkshire, England (no parents recorded)  
Edward Midgley settled in West Breary in the parish of Adel, where following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, he purchased an estate, as did his brother Richard of East Breary adjacent, being part of the possessions belonging to the Cistercian Abbey of Kirkstall5. In  the 1780's  Sir Thomas Midgley of Breary was granted a Coat of Arms and Crest4
More names in text file For others see: Breary text file [50 entries]
In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here.
Arthington lies about a mile to the North of Breary. No record occurs for Midgleys in Arthington in 1994 I.G.I. In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here. However, from the 1150's the area  possessed a Nunnery or Priory of the Cluniac order which at the time of its dissolution in 1540 was granted to Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury. Later it would have provided land for the wealthy Puritan yeomen to purchase.  Arthington Hall was built on the site in 1585  by the family of the same name but was rebuilt sometime in Charles I's reign. Later in the 1800's it became a farm property owned by the 2nd Earl of Harwood.

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This town lies to the East of Adel on the northern outskirts of Leeds.
In the 1500's the Franks family had a seat here which was later purchased by Sir Gervaise Clifton [d. 1666], who also purchased the manor of Wakefield.

Mary MIDGELEY born 1710    
Spouse: Robert DYNELEY of Alwoodley, Yorkshire, England   

More names in text file For others see: Alwoodley text file [5 entries]

A Coat of Arms and Crest was granted by The Kings Arms on 29th June 1709 in the Reign of Queen Anne to: 
                     1. Robert Midgley of Leeds 
                     2. Samuel Midgley of Alwoodley 
                     3. Jonathan Midgley of Breary (New Bramhope)..and their descendants

Arms- Sable two bars gemel Or and on a chief of the second, three caltraps of the first. 
Crest- on a wreath of the colours an heraldic tyger sejant Or armed and crined sable holding in his dexter paw a caltrap of the last5
See Arms of Midgley

    In the 1881 census there were 3 persons born in Alwoodley.
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Situated where Collingham Beck has its confluence with the River Wharfe. Being in close proximity to each other, the Midgley's of Collingham, Bardsey and East Keswick may be closely related.
The earliest I.G.I. entry is:
Rachel MIDGLEY christened on the 9th April 1731
Ba: C004144      +       Father: Henry MIDGLEY
Collingham, Yorkshire,England   So: 942.74 K25PR V.14

More names in text file For others see: Collingham text file [35 entries]

In Baines's Directory of 1822 Henry Midgley is recorded as a maltster in Collingham.

In the 1881 census there were18 people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here.
Robert MIDGLEY  45  Farmer Of 64 Acres Employing 1 Serv & Licensed Victualler of the Barley Corn Inn, Collingham. Robert & his wife from Bardsey had seven children recorded.
 East Keswick, York, England

Sarah Ann Midgley widow 47 born Collingham, a farmer Of 120 acres with children:
James MIDGLEY unmarried 19  born Beckwithshaw, Farmers Son
Henry MIDGLEY unmarried 18  born East Keswick, Farmers Son
Annette MIDGLEY   12  born East Keswick,Scholar
Mary Ann M. MIDGLEY  7 born East Keswick, Scholar
Osmond MIDGLEY   13  born East Keswick,  Scholar

William Midgley.  42,  Grocer living in Leeds at the time of the 1881 census with a wife and five children.

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East Keswick
In the I.G.I. of 1994 there are 10 entries of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here, the earliest entry is:
Joseph Midgley, born about 1729  of East Keswick, Harewood, Yorkshire, Spouse: Margaret
In Baines's Directory for 1822 James Midgley is recorded as a  boot & shoe maker.

In the 1881 census there are 30 people with the surname Midgley born in East Keswick. The main families were led by:
David Midgley. 63, Farmer of 5 Acres at East Keswick, wife and three daughters.
John Midgley. 56, of South St., East Keswick, Farmer Of 20 Acres
William Midgley. 51, of East Keswick, York, England. Retired Smith & 4 Acres Land
a wife and son Joseph aged 16.
Joseph Midgley. 48, of Rufforth Grange, Rufforth  Farmer of 292 Acres Employing 2 Men and 1 Boy. A wife and eight children. (see below)
Charles Midgley. Unmarried, 42, of Stank Grange, Winton. Farmer of 147 Acres Employing 1 Boy. (See below)
Jonathan MIDGLEY  33, of East Keswick, Farmer Of 30 Acres, a wife and five children all born at East Keswick.
For more details see Midgley of East Keswick
Also see John Armitstead's Midgley family History Page and Midgley pdf

William Midgley was born ~ 1794 in East Keswick He appears in both the 1851 and 1871 census.

In 1851 he was residing at ___________ as a widower and farmer of 200 acres and employing three labourers. He had  four of his children residing with him:

1. Henry Midgley, farmer's son, unmarried b~1831, East Keswick.

2. Joseph Midgley b~1833,  Farmer's son, unmarried, East Keswick, Yorkshire

3. Charles Midgley, farmer's son, unmarried, b~1836, East Keswick, Yorkshire

Sarah Ann Midgley, scholar, b~1840, East Keswick, Yorkshire.

There was a Housekeeper a House Servant and two male servants/farm labourers also present here for the census .


In 1871 William was residing at Winton Stank (Stank Grange, Winton) and Hallikeld, east of Northallerton today called Stank Grange after the large fish pond to the west.

William Midgley widower, aged 77 born East Keswick.

Charles Midgley aged 32, born East Keswick.

Sarah A Midgley aged 28, born East Keswick.

Susannah Midgley aged 26, born East Keswick.

Two male servants were also present here for the census 

In Brompton cemetery William is recorded on a gravestone 'William Midgley of Stank Grange' near Winton 'late of East Keswick. d. 3rd October 1872 aged 79 years.'  His son Henry is also mentioned on the gravestone being of Rufforth Grange (Rufford, West of York). Before 1871 Henry appears to have located himself at Rufforth Grange. . Also commemorated on the gravestone is Henry's son, John who died 11th March 1865 aged only eleven years.

In the 1881 census Charles Midgley, William's third son, is recorded as unmarried, 42 years of age of Stank Grange, Winton. being a farmer of 147 acres employing one boy and in Bulmer's Directory for 1890, Charles was again listed as a farmer of Stank Grange. 

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New Bramhope
As opposed to Bramhope which lies a little to the west of New Bramhope, sometimes recorded as Breary.
Robert Dyneley a zealous puritan, founded a chapel here about  1649.
The I.G.I. records only one entry:
Abraham MIDGLEY , died 17th April 1779  of Bramhope Yorkshire England  (no parents recorded)
Baines's Directory records John Midgley, maltster in 1822.
In the 1881 census there are 5 people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born in Bramhope.
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Adel [Addle]
A hamlet on the outskirts of Leeds south of Breary. Probably derived from an Anglian name, the "hill of Ada". Adel [Adel Mill] was at one time a major Roman settlement7, for which some have suggested the name "Bargodunum". A number of columns and an aqueduct were discovered during excavations indicating its former glory.
Adel Norman church was built between 1160 and 1170. The church, placed in a graveyard of quite unusual size is one of the most interesting in Yorkshire5
It is almost unrivalled as a small, enriched example of the aisle-less nave and chancel plan, almost un-tampered with by later alterations. It has a magnificent south doorway within a superb shallow porch consisting of beautifully ornamented receding arches in five orders. This is surmounted by a gabled pediment in which is a seated figure of Christ. Unhappily much of the carving is decayed. Inside, the chief object of interest is the beautiful chancel arch supported on three cylindrical shafts with moulded capitals. Amongst the stained glass, in the chancel, is the Leper's window adorned with an emblem of the Holy Trinity5.
In the graveyard, particularly near the entrance to the Church, are buried several Midgleys.  On the first page of the Adel parish register is the following entry:
"Suzan, daughter of Samuell Midgley
was baptysed the 25th Maye, Anno Dmi 1606"

From the I.G.I. there seem to have been many family members or many families here:

Midgleys' of  mid-Wharfedale
                                                                                  * Note: about 200 entries have been now located for Harewood.

The earliest I.G.I. record being:
John MIDGLEY born about 1586 of Adel, Yorkshire, England (no parents recorded)
Not only does Adel have the earliest record of the villages studied in mid-Wharfedale but it also boasts the largest number of Midgley individuals, this would indicate that it was a source point for other Wharfedale families of the Midgley surname.
More names in text file For others see: Adel text file [156 entries]

Richard Midgley born abt. 1608, son of Samuel Midgley 1560-1990 who married Anne Pickles 8th December 1625. They had 8 children all born at Adel:
John b. 1626, Jane b. 1628, Richard b. 1632, Edward b. 1635 d. Sept. 1688, William b. 1628, James b. 1642, Ruth b.1644, Dorothy b. 1646.
Edward married Helen Atkinson 15th April 1659. They had a child called Sampson Midgley who married Hannah Wade, they had three children all born at Leeds, Mary b. 1703, John b. 1706 and Samuel b. 1709.
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In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here. From having the oldest entry for Midgley in the I.G.I. for Wharfedale and being the most populous settlement, Adel appears to have been drained by the attractive growth of Leeds and other West Riding industrial locations.
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The Yorkshire Venturer.
                   An outing for the "Yorkshire Venturer"
                                                                                         The 'Dalesman' on the Settle and Carlisle
The tracks are gone, the rails taken
why did we work so hard?
Shinbone against rock and steel
blistered hand and bloodied heel.

A sinuous silver line forgotten
why did we work so hard?
Tracking mountain dale and ridge
embankment, cutting with a bridge.
Now silence broken by bird and lamb
why did we work so hard?
Wind wafts waves through grass
where steamy smoke and noise did blast.

The tunnel stands as a dark shroud
why did we work so hard?
Cut through solid core and cracks
Long cobwebbed by the Beeching Axe.
Lies between Bramhope and Kirkstall Abbey. Many Roman coins and pot shards have been found here. This was part of the Kirkstall Abbey lands from the time of the first Abbott. In 1822 Cookridge Hall was the seat of Richard Wormald.

The earliest record in the I.G.I. for Cookridge is:
Ann MIDGLEY  christened 25th March 1724 of Cookridge England
(no parents recorded)
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In the 1881 census there are no people of the surname Midgley recorded as being born here.
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Midgley Memorabilia

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